unexpected intrusions of beauty


And there it is. That touch of sadness, drifting close enough to brush against her skin, lighting up her senses, but too far to catch, to capture in the light. … Continue reading

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lust in three snapshots

ONE | Let him touch you. Look up at him from underneath your eyelashes and wonder what his pulse would feel like pressed against yours. Discover that he kisses like … Continue reading

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It’s Not Hard to Be a Hero

His daddy’s a hero. Everyone tells him so, but it doesn’t matter – he knows that already. He may only be six, but he’s not stupid. He knows his dad … Continue reading

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(or, what happens when i take a post-modernist poetry class inspired by clark coolidge) dream & wake & wake & wake & wake & wake           &         wake&                        && … Continue reading

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and i will hold you afterwards like you were the pulpit and i was the sky

Milos, by Anis Mojgani “And I thought that the museums were cemeteries where the dead paid the walls to hold what we have so that we can walk through what … Continue reading

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sometimes boys tell me they think i’m beautiful sometimes they mean it i usually leave the ones that do they probably have poor judgment and low self-esteem i am smart … Continue reading

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I am terrified of being poor.

Which is somewhat irrational, I know, not to mention completely unfair. The other day I spent far too many hours reading a seemingly endless sequence of scholarly (and not-so-scholarly) articles … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Intoxication

She does not remember the first time she encounters the word ‘beautiful.’ In hindsight, she imagines that it must have come embedded in the pages of a book, tucked into … Continue reading

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a few facts

I’m a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying English and counting down the days to joblessness / inevitable poverty perpetually missing boston, the citgo sign, crazy drivers, the charles … Continue reading

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The people are the first to go. They cling to each other, eyes wide and terrified, as the acid rain flows through the streets, stained crimson and heavy with a … Continue reading

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