unexpected intrusions of beauty

a few facts

  • I’m a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania
  • studying English and counting down the days to joblessness / inevitable poverty
  • perpetually missing boston, the citgo sign, crazy drivers, the charles at night, and clam chowder
  • approximately 85% of the music on my iPod is embarrassing
  • ereaders are cool and all, but I prefer books
  • I have spent entire days doing crossword puzzles
  • reading or writing or watching movies in any moving vehicle gives me crazy motion sickness
  • my bed is never made, my desk is always cluttered, my room is always a mess, and there are always christmas lights on the ceiling and letters cut from magazine pages on the wall
  • all the streets in my hometown are named after writers
  • I can’t drive
  • number of blogs I’ve started and abandoned: 6 (2 blogspots, 3 tumblrs, 1 livejournal)
  • …but this time will be different, I promise
  • I still don’t have a smartphone
  • every night is the night I’ll go to bed before 3 AM and finally fix my sleep schedule
  • it irks me far more than it should when people use adjectives as adverbs
  • about three times a year I spontaneously decide to become lesbian. it never works, for obvious reasons (e.g.: too much taylor swift)
  • I am lost 95% of the time

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